The art of precision

Bali Diamonds has been known for two decades as a unique manufacturer of precisely calibrated stones.

We specialize in servicing clients with exactly calibrated special shaped diamonds for watches and a wide range of jewelry pieces according to their specific requests.

Our long experience in this niche sector enables us to supply a wide range of fancy shaped stones, including oval, pear, and marquise cuts of the same measurement within a tolerance of o 0.02 in length, width and height.

We give our clients complete peace of mind since our experienced staff at all levels are involved with every single part of the process: from carefully evaluating the client’s plan to choosing the right rough goods, selecting each loose stone to insert into the correct shape (length, width, height and requested angles) and finishing the stone with excellent symmetry and polish.

With our modern and well-equipped factories, we employ expert cutters and polishers. The journey starts in our headquarters in Israel and our USA offices, and continues in our polishing workshops in Israel and Thailand.

After receiving the customer’s pattern and schemes, our experts create a precise plan for the production chain in order to optimize every stone.

Next comes the selection where our GIA-certified gemologists examine and select every rough diamond to be crafted and every loose diamond to be recut.

Using high-technology tools, we execute Using high-technology tools, we execute the excellently calibrated final cut required for each of the selected diamonds required for each of the selected diamonds. This is how our experienced cutters and polishers fit our customers’ requests precisely.

These precisely calibrated diamonds undergo a final check by our gemologists and are packed by our logistics department which carefully organizes every single shipment to ensure your requirements are precisely carried out.

Our service is built on reliably and consistently delivering diamonds on time and cut to the very finest levels of precision required by watch and jewelry industry brand clients worldwide.